‘The Orchestra Hits Back’ revitalises chart-topping instrumental hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s using the symphony orchestra. These are full symphonic versions created by leading composers, performers and orchestrators.

Unlike any other orchestral interpretations of ‘classic rock’ tracks that tend to rely on rock rhythm sections, electric guitars and keyboards, these are purely orchestral re-imaginations that focus on the symphony ensemble to create new versions of instrumental hits for the first time.

The first release is Julian Kershaw’s orchestration of Carlos Santana’s ‘Samba Pa Ti’ released on all digital platforms on 12 June 2020 featuring soloists Caroline Dale (cello) and Jamie Talbot (clarinet).

‘Samba Pa’Ti’ was originally released on the Santana album ‘Abraxas’ in 1970. Although one of that album’s most popular air-played tracks, it was not released as a single until 1973, when it reached #27 in the UK Charts. The album was a #1 in the USA and Australia and reached #7 in the UK and France in 1970. It went on to sell six million copies worldwide, including five million in the US.